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Darshan the handsome lad in the picture above who was a hard working student and with a bright future, is said to have committed suicide. Do you all think he would have committed suicide or is there more to his death. If you believe he did not do it, we want to hear from you in this blog.

Why we need you

Darshan Sathian was a 16 year old student from RMC. It takes no fool to realize that in order to get into RMC one needs to be intelligent, active in sports and both physically fit and mentally strong.

The question then depicts - does someone who is mentally strong take his own life?

The answer to that would be a no brainer! The mentally strong do not take their own life. they fight till the very end. So when someone comes and says that a 16 year old who has so much potential, aspiration, hopes, dreams and the drive to succeed, took his life, you start to question what you were told.

Do yo believe everything you are told or do you seek to find the truth and uncover the mystery behind what is told to you to have been a suicide? Nothing in life is as simple as it seems so how is this any different?

Will the family and friends of Darshan ever find out what really happened to the cheerful young boy who lost his life and the closure they need?

What would we do had this happened to ones near and dear to us? Would we not feel the need to find out the truth, get answers to our questions and bring those responsible to justice more so that others do not suffer the same fate?

For those with any kind of information in relation to this - however small it may be, come forward and make the difference. Be the change you want to see in others. Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.